Medicale Silver

Therapeutic stockings produced with X-Static silver plated yarn. Thanks to the countless properties of silver, these garments are antistatic, antibacterial, thermoregulator, antiodor, and therapeutic. These garments of excellent quality and properties are produced in the Ccl II compression Class.

Products available in the Silver line

Knee-high in microfiber and silver, with reinforced heel and open toe. Elastic, soft and comfortable.
Opaque, durable for lasting use and very comfortable, thanks to the use of very soft microfiber.

23-32 mmHg

Art. M2250A
Open toe
Standard sizes
Colour: Beige – Black
Composition: 72% Nylon (PA) – 18% Elastane (EA) – 10% Metallic, Silver (ME)

General product information

Compression categories

The therapeutic graduated compression stockings are subdivided into compression Classes according to the experimental UNI ENV 12718 European standard depending on the compression strength at the ankles. The therapeutic graduated compression stockings are normally prescribed by specialized physicians who recommend the most suitable garment and compression for the pathology to be treated. The 3 different compression classes of the therapeutic RelaxSan Medicale stockings are generally prescribed for the following venous and lower extremity disease:

  • Ccl I – 20-30 mmHg – Medium compression
    Indicated for the prophylaxis of venous diseases in risk patients, tired and heavy sensation in the legs, appearance of varicose veins during pregnancy, thrombosis and embolism.
  • Ccl II – 30-40 mmHg – Moderate compression
    For slight chronic venous insufficiency, thrombophlebitis (superficial thrombosis) with and without edema, post-sclerotherapy, after selective out-patient treatment of varices and stripping, varicose veins during pregnancy, prophylaxis of thrombosis and embolism.
  • Ccl III – 40-50 mmHg – Strong compression
    Specially designed for advanced phases of chronic venous insufficiency, after recovery from crural ulcer (prophylaxis of relapse), posttraumatic edema, and reversible lymphedemas.

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Medicale, Therapeutic stockings with graduated compression

Classic line of therapeutic graduated compression stockings, most resistant with refined knitting and accuracy of details.

Manufactured using advanced technologies and soft microfiber yarn for comfortable and soft products. Excellent finish quality.

Made of cotton, with a natural feel against the skin and extremely soft thanks to the high quality cotton yarns used.

Specifically designed to prevent thromboemblic prophylaxis and for clinical and hospital use before, during and after surgical intervention.